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Prayer Cabin

(day-use Prayer Cabin)

The word, Poustinia,is a German word that literally means desert, but it is more commonly used to describe a secluded space where one encounters God in silence. A place to remove every distraction, hit the emergency stop button in our lives and slow down. We like to think of it as a place to find streams in the desert.


Addictions to noise, busyness, work projects, and people-pleasing can wear us down more than we realize. Our spirit cries out to slow the pace and reconnect with the heart of God.


It’s more than a place to pray, it’s space to listen. Being addicted to noise, even if it’s good noise, we’ve become afraid of the silence. Yet it’s in the silence that we hear God speak.


The Poustinia is a spiritual retreat, a time to wait on the Lord.  It is meant for day-use, but if you’d like a single-person overnight stay, please inquire.


Our little prayer cabin is a one-room log cabin perched on the highest point of our property. Heated by the wood-burning stove, and lit by solar power for those rare times that the sun isn’t sufficient, with a porta-potty out back, it is a more rustic experience.  Snuggle up in the rocking chair next to the mini wood stove, positioned in front of the all glass front door with a framed view of Pikes Peak. Linger on the tiny front porch that provides a view that few experience.


The instant you put your hand on the door, you’ll know you’re in a special place. It’s a space that invites you to soak in the powerful presence of God and allow your body, soul, and spirit to be refreshed in His company.


Dedicate a time away with your Lord and respond to His invitation to draw closer and deeper.

Prayer Cabin