prayer trail

Our Prayer Trail is designed to be a mini-wellness retreat.  It is available to all our guests.

Our life grows out of protecting our hearts from the things that often consume us. The prayer trail is an invitation to purposefully consider the steps of our life, taking care to nourish our spirit and soul, setting our hearts right.

A printed booklet is available to guide you along a one-mile winding natural trail, designed to lead you in intentional, reflective moments. Take everything in as you stroll and absorb the majestic surroundings, praying from your spirit. Twelve different meditation markers with rustic high-backed benches offer you a spot to slow down your pace and carefully ponder.

The portion of our property where the name “Aspen Ridge” came into play holds a special surprise: an authentic prayer labyrinth! Nestled up against an aspen grove, labyrinths have long been used as a mediation and prayer tool. Meant to aid in focus, the meandering in and out of the circle becomes purposeful.

Use the trail to unplug from the every day and plug into the Holy Spirit… or simply head out for a nice hike in the fresh mountain air!  Please note:  our property has a lot of variation in landscape, so while the trail is not difficult, we suggest appropriate footwear with a good grip.

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